5 Remodeling Tips to make a room look bigger

With the increase in population, it is becoming difficult for people to find a home as per their preference and requirement. With the changing times, the choices of people are also changing and hence it is very difficult to find one’s ideal home. Even if the room is not very spacious, there are many remodeling ideas to make it appear larger than it is.

Despite living in a large house, you may at times feel that the space in the room is still small. Making a few modifications and decluttering a room can be made to look more spacious.

Let’s dive into a few remodeling tips which can help in making the room appear to be bigger than it is. Experts and remodeling professionals can help you give this epic make-over.

Applying Colors

A room can be made to look more spacious with the use of the right colors. Lighter shades on the walls help in making the room look more open. It is advisable to use yellows, creams, greens, gray and pale blue. These light colors reflect and multiply giving a feeling of more space.

Using Wall Papers

Using the correct wallpapers can have a great impact on the size of the room. It is preferable to choose wallpapers that have prints that are beautiful and large. Try to use wallpapers with a simple color scheme and those are reflective. The focus should be on covering a single wall rather than all the walls. The use of wallpapers will help in making the room look bigger than what it actually is.

Use of Accessories

Try to ensure that the drapes which you are putting in the room must be similar to the wall color. Net or lace curtains can also be used for covering the windows. A room can also be made to look more spacious with plain rugs and fabrics or with small prints on them.

Sufficient storage space can be made by fixing bookcases that are wall to wall. One wall can be chosen and converted into a bookcase. This is a wonderful way to make a room look bigger. An airy look can be given by keeping a few spaces empty in between the shelves. The room can also look more spacious with a lot of lights in a room that is small. A dramatic effect can be created by putting some pieces of art that are large.

Glass Usage

The eyes can be tricked into seeing a space that is different extending the look of the rooms. Installing glass panels is a great way to do this. Having windows that are large or having more skylights is a great way of enlarging the spaces. This will also help in allowing more rays of light to come and fall into the room. Installing mirrors that cover an entire wall or hanging a large mirror will also give a feeling of spaciousness. Small spaces can be made to appear large by fixing mirrors on the cabinets.

The Correct Furniture

A great impact can be made on the way a room looks by choosing the correct furniture that compliments your room. A room can be made look larger by keeping the furniture to the minimum. It is best to have furniture that has a multi-purpose usage. Like, a chest of drawers can have a dual purpose of being a bedside table as well as can be used for storing things. A multi-purpose sofa can be used as a seating space during the daytime and if there is any requirement, it can always be converted into a bed.  If it’s the kids’ room that you are planning to remodel, a great way to do this is using a bunk bed rather than having a double bed. This is a great way to save space and also provides enough place for storing things. It also helps in making the room look larger as there is a lot of vacant space.

If you are placing bigger pieces of furniture, try to ensure that they are light in color as those give an open look. A room can also be made to look open by placing furniture like chairs and a sofa which has arms and legs that are open. A room can also be made to look airy by placing a table which is made of glass as this will allow light to filter across it. A great idea is to use furniture which can be folded, stacked, or stored away when not needed and can be used in case of any requirement. Matching the furniture with the wall color will help in increasing the volume of the room. Instead of placing furniture against the wall, it is advisable to place it at a correct angle to space out the room.

Whether you live in an independent house or an apartment and feel the need for making the rooms larger, the above-mentioned remodeling strategies can help you in giving you the feeling of extra space. By choosing and placing the correct furniture, accessories and lights can be a great way in creating a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. It is also important to declutter and remove all extra things which are not required and make the room look cramped. To get the best remodeling done as per your desire it is always advisable to take the help of experts as they will do the job professionally and with proper safety measures.


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