8 DIY Home Improvement Projects During Quarantine

The pandemic has brought with it a lot of restrictions and made has several changes to our lifestyle. It is saddening to look around and see that everyone is confined to their homes and all our time is being spent indoors. This quarantine has compelled people to remain inside and hence our area of living which has become our comfort zone during quarantine must brighten spirits and keep our morale high. Being at home during the pandemic is the ideal time to bring some home improvements or changes to our dwelling.

Being in quarantine gives us ample time and opportunity to hone our skills and give our home a personal touch. The first and foremost thing to do is to take a detailed look and make a note of things that require changes or amendments. There may be wallpaper that is looking shabby or faded, furniture which looks dull, or walls that need a fresh coat of paint. This is the ideal time to utilize all our energies and creativity to transform the house with easy, simple, and fun DIY home renovation ideas. This will also help in keeping the mind diverted from the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the major hardware stores are taking online orders with home delivery. This further reduces the hassle of going out of the house. But, make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions. A few basic tools, some paintbrushes combined with a whole lot of enthusiasm and you are all set to accomplish your mission.

Here are a few home improvement projects which can be tackled during quarantine:

  • Give a Facelift to Your Furniture

There may be old furniture lying in the garage or storeroom in your house which needs a little refurbishing before it can be used again.  By putting in just a little effort, some basic tools and paint of your choice can make drab furniture look amazing. You can even paint your furniture to match the color scheme of a room.

  • Let the wall speak

If you are not in the mood to redo the entire room, you have the option of painting a single wall of your choice giving your room and brighter and bit different look. Giving the wall a contrast will also help you in recreating a different vibe and options of decorating it with a difference. In case you are in an area where you can call help home, you can also think of changing the wallpaper in your home to make the room look a little different.

  • Adding greenery to your ambiance

If you are fond of gardening and have green fingers, you can grow some plants taking help from your kitchen. In case you are living in an independent house, you can either choose your front lawn or the backyard to grow some exquisite vegetables and fruits. Similarly, if you reside in an apartment, you can convert your balcony or terrace into a beautiful mini garden. This will also give you a chance to decorate your balcony and make it your own space and also bring you close to nature.

  • Picture Gallery

All of us love to go through some old pictures living the memories created again and again. To give those pictures a different look and also in front of you, you can convert one of your walls into a picture gallery or describe your family tree. Keeping the pictures at eye level will give them an aesthetic look also bringing some life to your home.

  • Painting the Doors

“The girl behind the red door” is one of the most common sayings while describing a person. Giving a relook to your front door will not only give your personality a new look but also your drawing room or living room a new life. Having said this, you can even experiment with coloring the doors and windows of your rooms in different and contrasting colors to bring a change in the monotonous life of quarantine.

  • De-Clutter

Being in quarantine is the best time to de-clutter and sort out things that have been accumulating for a long time but are not of any use now. Most of us have the habit of collecting and buying things which catch our eye. We keep holding on to things and refuse to part with them thinking they might be of some use in the future. The best thing to do is to keep those that are rare or difficult to replace and dispose of the rest.

  • Give Your Bathroom a Deep Cleaning

Bathrooms with their moisture and condensation are always a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Along with routine cleaning is very important to deep clean the bathrooms to keep them germ-free. This is even more crucial during the pandemic. Make sure that you disinfect all the surfaces and cabinets along with the taps, doorknobs, and other fittings.

  • Check the Electrical Points and Fittings

This is the ideal time to survey all the electrical appliances, points, and fittings. Check all the cooling and heating systems for any leaks or spaces. Check all appliances and replace the very old ones as they are very high users of energy and can boost the electricity bill to a great extent. These are a few ideas that can be done during quarantine. They will keep you engrossed, give the house a makeover and also divert the mind from the deadly coronavirus. It will be a wonderful feeling to see the transformation after you have finished.

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