Every contractor is aware of the fact that new projects don’t necessarily have to come from new clients. It takes a lot of hard work and resources to maintain their clientele. On the basis of a good approach and experience, they get new clients. When it comes to contractors getting new clients, it is mostly word of mouth. Every advertisement seems appealing, every pamphlet seems friendly, and every contract is seen skilled in the first meeting. However, only reliability and trustworthiness turn out to be the foundation of success for a contractor.

Having said that, a positive experience and a strong relationship with the client is the most important factor for a contractor to succeed. Of course, the experience and expertise matter but if you are not cordial with your client or you do not maintain a good relationship with your client, chances are, they’re not going to hire you again.

Hence, take a look at some tips to build relationships with your clients and help your business flourish whether online or in-person through relationship building with your client.

  1. Communicate

As important as it is for you to behave quarterly with your client during the project, it is equally important to maintain the relationship after the project is completed. Home renovation projects are endless and therefore, frequent communication is the key to keep your business flourishing. Keep them updated about your service upgrades or new services. Check up on the timely condition of your services and if they are your old clients, feel free to drop them a season’s greetings.

  1. Positive attitude

Understandably, you have a list of projects planned throughout the day and such projects can get a bit stressful and challenging. However, never lose your calm. It is important to keep things sorted and maintain a positive attitude. Make sure your team also implements it and refrain from using any kind of language or gestures that are not safe for work. No matter how stressed you are, make sure you and your team always act professionally. There are a ton of responsibilities but always keep the enthusiasm alive to get the project finished on a happy note.

  1. Be a listener

You are the professional here, of course, the client is going to listen to your suggestions. However, it is imperative that you make sure that their needs and demands are heard. If the client feels understood and respected and they would be interested to listen to your recommendations and advice. They are not professionals, but every homemaker has a creative inclination which they dream of implementing. Respect and understand their ideas, and there will be a positive response from the client.  Remember, they have the option of hiring another contractor. Make sure, your actions make them feel comfortable and understood.

  1. Personal connection

We do not recommend it to you if you are handling first-time clients. However, if it is your third time or maybe the fourth, take the liberty to blend in. Act professionally but also be cordial and friendly with them. This would make them trust you more. For instance, they are parents to a new-born; congratulate them or talk about kids in general. There are ways and means to break the ice and start a conversation. Make sure you vibe with them and only then think of starting a conversation. If they are old clients, feel free to discuss local breaking news or an update in the neighborhood, etc. It all depends on the personality of your client which you will have to decode first.

  1. Stay transparent

Often contractors, to impress the clients make promises that they are not able to fulfill. It is recommended strictly that you stay transparent and honest with them throughout the project. If you feel that some part of the project cannot be covered by your team or you; do not oversell yourself. If you do that, there are going to be big disappointments ahead which are likely to ruin your relationship with the client. Customer satisfaction is very important, right from budgeting to the quality of the services and products; one must keep things completely transparent. A great experience begins with an honest relationship and clear communication.

Having said that, it is important that you be open about your opinions and suggestions. It is important to keep your client happy but if it does not seem technically or structurally fit, make sure to want them or inform them about the faults and the drawbacks of a particular idea they have on their mind.

  1. Share your knowledge

Your client has hired you because of your skill and expertise. It’s a given that they don’t have the same level of experience as yours. However, this does not and should not give you a chance to dupe them or give them false information. Make sure that you share each and every aspect of the project and the process so that they are clear about every detail and intricacy of the process. These technicalities sometimes make the client feel disconnected from the project. Make sure you keep your client involved in each and every step of the project by making them understand the technical bits of the project. This would only make the client trust you more and rely upon you better.

  1. Always do more than asked

It does not mean that you build them a cabinet or a chair or a piece of furniture. If you exceed their expectations by fixing a loose hinge or a leaky faucet (without being asked) in addition to the projects, it is only going to make them like you.

All of the above-mentioned tips determine that you as a contractor really value them and how important your relationship is. In this field, marketing is majorly through word of mouth and that is only possible if you prove your worth by your par excellence expertise, services, and client relationship. It’s a two-way street and the more you invest in them through your services, the better would be the payback and customer base.

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