The 7 Most Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid


All good things require maintenance. When it comes to your home, it is no different. Of course, you do the regular cleaning, designing, and the casual rejigs every now and then. However, along the years, due to several natural and poor maintenance causes, there are cracks, crevices, and deep gaps in the house, that sometimes get overlooked but ultimately lead to a severe structural issue. The closest a person gets to maintenance is refurbishing the furniture or changing the upholstery. At most, a homeowner gets concerned about the exterior faults of the house. At this point, your home requires renovation.

Most homeowners believe they get their homes renovated every year by getting their lawns cleaned, their patio furniture rearranged, the carpets deep cleaned, and the floors scrubbed, etc. Let us break it you, it’s a lot more than that, and you required skilled professionals to do the chores. Renovations are essential for home improvement; it includes redesigning, extending, and redecorating a house. As tedious as it sounds, it is a fun and exciting task that enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal, décor, and appearance. Along with that, it also adds to the value of your property.

A good renovation is incomplete without proper planning and execution.  It is imperative to list the tasks you wish to do or get done. A renovation would never have adverse effects; it would always work in your favor and would give you financial rewards, like increased property value, and avoiding hefty moving and shifting costs.

The thing with renovations is that it transforms the entire house. However, there are a lot of things that need to be kept in check, and there is room for a lot of mistakes. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. The following are the list of renovation mistakes to look out and avoid.

  1. Rushing the Job
    Don’t get too overwhelmed and excited over the home renovations you watch on television and YouTube. No right renovation can magically complete in a matter of three days. Unless you simply want your lawn ornaments cleaned and repaired, no home renovation is quick, fast, and easy. It is going to take some time, and you will have to the patient throughout the process. Remember, you have the bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, and the bathrooms to get fixed. It is going to take time, and you will have to run according to the timeline given by the experts. Rushing the entire process would lead to unfinished business.
  2. Neglecting the Team Dynamic

As mentioned above, a home renovation is incomplete without planning and proper execution. Therefore, you need to consult an architect who would give his or her opinion on the structural redesigns you have on your mind and to give you a green signal on the entire project. None of it possible without the execution of these plans. It is only possible with the help of an experienced and skilled contractor. Your project is only possible with the guidance of this experienced team (including you).

  1. Ignoring Your Gut

It is really important to trust your home renovators, designers, and contractors. However, before you blindly follow their instructions, you must pick the right people for the job. Doing your homework is an essential part of the entire process. Of course, you are no expert, but you are the house owner and know your home and its elements more than anyone else. Therefore, common sense wouldn’t hurt anyone. A contractor or a designer who agrees to everything you say or requesting is too good to be true. You must have a team that has an expert opinion.

  1. Miscommunication

This is probably among the most common reasons for a renovation project to fall apart. All your requests, demands, and expectations must be put across clearly. Ask for daily or hourly updates. Have a strong rapport with your team and stay clear on the essentials like project requirements, cost, contract, negotiations, etc. Make sure there are no side conversations and decisions taking place behind your back.  This would only lead to a delay in the project and costing you more money and time.

  1. Thinking you know best

Backing the former point, it is good to stay clear on the terms, agreements, and conditions. However, don’t be a know-it-all and have room for new and feasible ideas. You may have finished watching the fifteenth season of some home improvement show, but you are not even close to an expert. Yes, you may have learned some terminologies and may be able to understand the technical approach of your contractor. Still, other than that, you should not be too overconfident of your online knowledge.

  1. Forgetting to Budget
    There a lot of times when you overlook the significance of budgeting. In fact, the Home renovation must begin with a proper budget in mind. That being said, you must clear and honest with your designer and contractor about the entire expenditure. This also means that your budget must also have room for unexpected expenses. Home renovation means there will be a lot of items on sale that you would be tempted to buy, but you must stick to the budget. Your contractors will always buy quality items that are within your budget. Help them save you from additional costs by providing them affordable tools that they require, especially for your project.
  1. Neglecting the Plan
    The home renovation plan is always carried out with your team. Make sure you have it in writing, the schedules, spec sheets, the material list, and drawings, etc. The entire project should go according to the blueprint.

All in all, it is your house, you have the luxury to transform it to the highest possible version of it. Make sure you have consulted and scheduled the entire home renovation project with the ultimate experts in this field.  Along with this, take a note of all the common mistakes mentioned above so that your renovation project goes seamlessly.

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