10 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Whether you have a tiny shower stall or a powder room that is essentially cramped up in a small space, a small bathroom can make your evening and morning routines much less efficient and glamorous. The good news is you don’t need to let inadequate space get in the way of living a large life. You do not need to look for a new place, you can just remodel your small bathroom. You can make it work as hard and look as good as a much larger bathroom with some strategic tips. Here are some easy styling and storage ideas that can help you remodel your small bathroom and forget that it was actually small.

Add a Skylight

If you have a small bathroom that does not have the wall space where you could install any windows, installing a skylight is a clever way to add some natural light. Natural light helps your space look more active and with a skylight, you don’t have to worry about privacy.

Think Vertically

Instead of using all your bathroom space horizontally, focus on how you can use the vertical wall space. You can turn your walls into a massive canvas with a little creativity easily. Just add a lot of patterns, rich textures, and some bold features to the wall. You can use your walls to store all the things you store on horizontal surfaces and end up saving space and giving your bathroom an aspirational look.

Have Fun with Essentials

You can add a modern pendant, some graphic and fun floor tiles, and bold paint colors such as deep red or royal blue to give your bathroom a personality. Also, consider adding spacious drawers right under the vanity to help you keep things tidy.

Hide It

Why not hide your bathroom completely for a mysterious and exciting feel. You can easily hide your bathroom behind a Murphy Door without having to worry about how small it might be. A murphy door will definitely turn your bathroom into the most happening place in your house.

Replace Swinging Doors

To add an elegant feeling to your bathroom, all you need to do is replace your swinging doors and install pocket doors. Pocket doors can make everything feel very candlelit in a small bathroom. You can pair it up with floral wallpaper, wood finishes for your furniture that emits a warm feeling, ambient lighting that radiates a gentle glow to bring it all together. You can give your bathroom life with these complementing elements and add a cocooning effect. Replacing hinged or swinging doors and installing pocket doors, whether you are changing closet enclosures or the entrance doors, you can save plenty of usable space in your small bathroom.

Stick to a Tight Palette

You should ideally stick to a tight color palette for your bathroom to bring it all together. For example, you can add some icy blue pale paint to your furniture doors to bring out the blue veining of your marble surfaces. You can also keep some walls unfinished to create a calm and soothing effect and to keep your small spaces from feeling a little too much with a lot of pattern-pushing.

Go Ham with a Gallery Wall

Your bathroom or any room can never be too small for you to add some artwork. Sometimes the small rooms are thought of as too small for artwork. Usually, small spaces are perfect for displaying things around the walls. You can use all the free vertical space in your bathroom to show off your taste in art. For example, if you have baby pink walls, you can add some eclectic artwork to create stunning contrast. There are a lot of great online stores available if you are looking for art to elevate your collection.

Use Ledges

Instead of adding a lot of clutter to your floor and walls with storage furniture and shelving units, you can opt for a framed print right on your windowsill. You can carefully balance the careful balance between your house and a contemporary clean style. Maybe you can add some small and pretty objects like a tiny vase to the windowsill for a clean look.

Keep Things Bright

If you are yearning for your bathroom to look brighter and bigger, maybe consider painting it while all around. You can also add interesting furniture that goes with the color palette such as a countertop with natural stone, graphic floor tiles, and light wood cabinets, anything that shows off your style. If your bathroom is oddly shaped, you can come up with a strategic design with your contractor and designer.

Hide Your Storage

For a tiny bathroom, you can hang a mirror above your corner sink at an angle. This tip can help you in maximizing every single inch of your bathroom. You can use the stashed space to hide your clutter behind the fabric skirt. You can also add some round accent tables, Wedgwood plates, and a small table to keep your extras. These can help you in setting down some candles, flowers, or magazines.


If you have a small bathroom, you know that every tiny detail matters. However, you can use these small details to completely change the way it looks. You can easily turn your small, dated, dull bathroom into a chic retreat with the right lighting, tilework, and wall color.

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