6 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

A luxurious bathroom can give your home a grand feel. Luxurious bathrooms can definitely take a big portion of your home improvement budget. However, the good news is that you can turn any bathroom luxurious if you know the game of colors, accessories, and lighting on a budget. Here are some of the easiest ways to make your bathroom look more expensive:

Use white and get elegant simplicity

White countertops and cabinets basically create a neutral backdrop for an elegant and simple bathroom. You can go for light neutral paint and get white bath accessories to add a sophisticated, high-end hotel bathroom feel. A normal bathroom can step up and look a lot more expensive if only you celebrate on quality white rugs and towels. You can also pair up neutral accessories with white linens to balance every element together.

Gray bathrooms are timeless beauties

After spending decades of wood-toned or white bathrooms, the color gray has exploded into the interior design industry. It is the latest go-to kitchen and bathroom color. The reason for its recent popularity in bathroom interiors is obvious. Gray is very easy to match and is soothing. Warm grays, in particular like the greige, can add a warmer touch to the bathroom. Greige can also be the perfect choice to go with wood trim or vanity in the bathroom space. It goes specifically well with brushed silver fixtures. Use accessories and lighting to create your elegant gray bathroom look.

Create a peaceful bath retreat with a monochromatic color design

The most luxurious bathrooms are generally spa-inspired. Simple materials and colors are perfect for spa-inspired bathrooms. This is simply due to their relaxing qualities. Create a spa vibe using a plain monochromatic color scheme. You don’t need to select a neutral color. For the monochromatic scheme, you could also go for aqua or a somber blue color in various shades can also be very relaxing.

You can create a monochromatic color scheme that would be perfect for your bathroom very easily. You should ideally start with a calming color like Kensington and Clark Harbor Lane. Then add a darker and lighter shade of the color and layer them together to add depth. Generally, the paint strips that you get from the paint store fan decks are ordered from the darkest to the lightest shade of each color, which makes building your color scheme very easy.

Focus on the outdoors

The most expensive and luxurious bathrooms combine the outdoors like a design element. When you start planning your bathroom makeover, look at different ways that you can use to bring the outdoors in. You can also opt for new window treatments that help in letting more light in. Artwork portraying plants and plants are not only excellent ways to redesign an outdoor space but you can also benefit from Feng Shui.

Painted furniture can create a sophisticated customized bathroom style

A lot of times all you really need to build a luxurious customized style bathroom is just a few coats of paint. There are a lot of amazing do-it-yourself tutorials available out there that can show you how to turn a chest or a dresser into a vanity. Alternatively, you can also use paint to design a customized look that goes well with your monotonous bathroom vanity. You should ideally choose the paint color for your vanity plan that can also be repeated all throughout the room in accessories and linens. A greige or rich gray paint color can also work well in giving your bathroom vanity an ornate look while also keeping it neutral.

Rethink white trim for manly bathroom style

If you are more into the enchanting looks of dark floors and wall color, you don’t need to get white molding and white trim to achieve a sophisticated bathroom. It is true that dark color walls can look gorgeous with fresh white trim, but for an elegant and subtle look, you should pair rich wall colors like dark brown, navy blue, or charcoal gray, and pair them up with mid-toned impartial trim colors.

To do a complete bathroom makeover using only dark colors, you will require the best lighting, so you need to be sure to test a lot of different bulbs and light fixtures when you first start to sample various paint colors. The intrigue to a bathroom that has a deep wall color is admitting the fact that this space cannot have light, and understanding that getting the perfect combination of natural light and lighting is essential to the success of the room.


Modern designers are bringing bathrooms back to life with luxurious design ideas. Using various techniques to your advantage, you can very easily turn a bland plain space into a sophisticated showpiece.

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