How to Turn Rooms into Multi-Purpose Spaces?

Do you want to add an extra study or bedroom, or create some extra space? Flexible spaces are always helpful however with homes getting more and more expensive each day, it’s not always practical to go for sheer size. An optimum solution to this problem without increasing the size or extending your home can be to design spaces in your home with multiple uses. If you opt to add flexible spaces, you are essentially making the best of your home and the space you already have. However, these spaces need to be easy to convert. Here are some ideas that can help you create flexible spaces.

The magical sliding screen for inside outside

Installing a sliding screen is a good way to open up your rooms to other rooms. It can effectively double the size of the space and when it comes to a house, bring the outdoors inside. Usually, a small side courtyard is located adjacent to a hallway that works like a thoroughfare. When a sliding door is open, it can effectively create an extra internal room. The open ceiling will act like a large skylight that allows various outdoor elements like moonlight, sun, and greenery to enter. The sliding glass doors can fold back on each other and stack up neatly against a wall allowing the entire space to be used.

A room within a room

Installing transparent sliding glass internal walls inside a room can create a room within a room. This helps in transforming the space and makes the entire apartment seem much larger than what it actually is. The bed in itself can also be a fold-out. This will help in making the bed disappear into a wall. Not only do you get extra flexible floor space but you also add an element of privacy to your bedroom during the daytime. You can think of it like a bedroom that magically appears during the night.

Flexible room dividers

This tip works well if you have a self-contained, small apartment or if you are living in a transformed garage. To allow the space to be flexible, you can add a room divider and use it as a semi-screen of the bedroom from the living space. This screen acts like a storage solution as well as a privacy screen. You can install a modular TV unit. This way you just need to turn the TV to make it face the bedroom whenever you want.

Bedroom by night

What if a room is not a room, but basically two rooms with two different functions? Having a bed that disappears is getting more and more popular these days. When your bed disappears, it automatically accentuates your floor space. It is an easy way to add some flexibility to the entire house. For example, you can design a flexible guest bedroom. It would act as a bedroom by night and be a multifunctional room throughout the day.

Lost space under staircases

The space hidden away under the stairs is usually a dumping ground for extra random household items that don’t have a designated place or, at the place to store large appliances that you don’t use frequently such as the vacuum cleaner. To make the most out of this space, you can create an additional room like a study nooks. The joinery would extend into a space that would have contrarily been of not much use.

Mezzanine magic

Creating a mezzanine space inside a room itself is an excellent way to facilitate a room to have multiple uses. If you own the height, why shouldn’t you create one function for the space on the ground level and let the elevated space have another function? For example, you could design a great kids’ room that would allow for a hidden elevated bed that can be accessed using a ladder while leaving enough space for playtime underneath.

Using joinery to your advantage

Cabinetry or joinery is a good way to create or hide storage inside a space so that when it opens, it reveals an array of adaptable design solutions. These can actually convert the space into a multi-use area. For instance, you could convert a room adjacent to a swimming pool, and create not just a living room, but also a kids’ play area, kitchenette, study, and laundry, behind closed doors.


Contrary to popular beliefs, a mancave doesn’t have to be just what the name suggests. You can design a mancave that has versatile uses like a car display showroom, lounge, library, bar, and game room. This space emerges as one but it contains multiple, versatile zones. You can even have a transparent garage door that allows the outside to come in.

Pitch a tent

When a space seems like nothing works for it, installing screens, creating mezzanines, installing room divider, extending your house, here is the perfect solution, pitch a tent. When you have a space that is at an absolute premium, a tent is possibly the very best way to go. As the name suggests, it is simply a room within a room that naturally folds away when not in use. You can think of it like a cubby, a cozy area hidden away that is only there when you need to use it. A tent is perhaps a space-effective and practical solution and it can help you relive those precious childhood memories.

Trust the experts! Pick the idea that suits the vibe and structure of your home and transform it into an Interior Design Digest-worthy house.


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