Gorgeous Amherst Kitchen Remodeling Tips

When we speak about remodeling or renovation of a home, the first thing that we aspire to complete tastefully and with all the latest technology in the kitchen. The kitchen is the first place that instantly brings to the mind is good food and a feeling of warmth and comfort. It is hence very important for the kitchen to be convenient, handy, well ventilated, and fulfilling all the requirements that you desire.

The size of the kitchen depends on the place you reside. If you are living in a farmhouse or a mansion, the kitchen is large and spacious and can be extended or modified as per your requirements. But, if you reside in an apartment or a flat it may be possible that the kitchen may not be very spacious requiring you to confine yourself to the limited space available.

Most people consider the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in their house and is given the maximum priority while deciding to model or redesign it. People spent the maximum amount of money on their kitchen making it suitable for their requirements.

In early 2000, the kitchen was equivalent to a living room with cooking and dining taking place together in an informal setting. It comprised an enclosed space like a room which was designed in different variations. But, with gradual development and modernization, people’s tastes also changed making room for more innovative concepts when it came to designing kitchen premises.

Open kitchen designs

In modern times, the kitchen occupies a very prominent place in the home and it’s designed of utmost importance instead of just being a space for cooking meals. Earlier, the kitchens were small and uncomfortable with only the basic requirements. Very little thought was given to the design, layout, aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. Now with the changing times, an open kitchen has become very popular.

People can opt for many different options when they decide to remodel keeping it either partially open or fully open.

Kitchen Island and Peninsula

When remodeling your kitchen into an open one, having a kitchen island is one of the great options. This gives you the advantage of seating with a bar stool. The countertop helps to create more space for work with additional storage space below.

In case the space is inadequate for creating a kitchen island, you can always opt for a peninsula that can be fixed as an attachment on the side. A kitchen peninsula is a set of separate cupboards and drawers that can be used as an addition or an extension to the already existing modular kitchen you opt for.

Kitchen Seating Arrangements

You can always go for the idea of having a bar stool seating arrangement. This is an excellent idea for utilizing space to the optimum as well as convenience.

Once decided, you can opt for many different styles of seats for your counters depending upon the height and width of your kitchen tabletop.

Kitchen Lighting

An excellent way of giving the countertops some additional light is by having lighting under cabinets or different shades over the countertops. These will help you add some special effects making your kitchen stand out from the entire house.

You can go for decorative hanging lights or general lighting along with some fairy lights to give a rich look. For normal use, it is advisable to use LED kitchen lights as they last longer providing illumination which is free from glare and also helps in cutting down the electricity bill.

Kitchen Appliances

The next important point while building your kitchen is the choice of appliances that you will use and their installation. Using a wall oven rather than a cooking range will help in saving space and being put at a height at your convenience.

You can group all the appliances that you will use on one wall which will give an aesthetic look and be easy to use.

Remember to keep the three important appliances refrigerator, oven, and sink to be placed in such as way that they can be accessed easily and do not have any obstacles blocking them. This helps in ensuring free movement in the kitchen.

Kitchen Floors and Ceilings

You can always add porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor as it does not absorb and also lasts longer. These tiles are available in several textures, colors, and designs.

Another experiment you can do is to have a contrast in colors or textures. This helps in removing the monotone and making it appear more cheerful.

Benefits of having an open kitchen

  • An open kitchen gives the feeling of the house being more spacious.
  • Easy communication is possible between rooms due to the absence of any partition
  • The kitchen space can be used for multi-purposes for instance, the counter can serve the purpose of being a breakfast table or a bar seating to save space.
  • An open kitchen enables people to communicate and interact with each other every day as well as when guests are at home.

The idea of remodeling the kitchen is to give it a different look than already existing. You can go with keeping it simple by using single-tone colors or contrast by experimenting with seating and cabinets to suit your style and comfort as you will be using the premises regularly.

You can also keep some fresh herbs like mint, celery, curry leaves, and more to give a fresh look.

Hope this article helps you remodel your kitchen with a purpose.

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