How to Renovate Your Old House

It is not that easy to restore the old-world charm of your old house using modern-day methods and the latest interior design. Renovating an old house can be challenging, costly, as well as overwhelming.

So if you are wondering how to renovate your old property, then all you need to implement these tips and tricks to make your old house look attractive and more functional.


Start with the Basics:

First of all, check if all the necessities are in top shape at your home or not. For example, start with inspecting the electrical boxes first. Worn-out wiring can pose a great threat, as they are not able to shut off at the time of overload. These problems can lead to overheating which in turn can cause a fire.

Check if the wires are covered by rubber insulation as these are likely to get dry and brittle over years. Another important aspect to check is the plumbing. Old pipes are vulnerable to corrosion as well as cause lower water pressure. They can also stain the water. Last but not least, check for rotten wood and log in your floor, furniture, or the exterior of the house.


Ponder Over the Budget:

Many people just give up on renovating their old homes just because it seems to be beyond budget. But it is still possible to remodel your house without breaking your bank.

Set your expected budget limit. However, you shouldn’t overestimate the cost; try to keep it underestimated. Research the materials you can afford within that budget.


Declutter It:

Creating an open space in an old property can simplify your remodeling. A huge amount of space will let you envision your plan. You can start with the reshuffling of your furniture as changing the place of your furnishing can change the appeal of your old space too.

You can create a list of the things you have in the house, and then start re-organizing them. See if you need that unwanted stuff inside. Removing unnecessary items can help design a restful and fun space.


Pay Attention to Doors and Windows:

Doors and windows boost the appeal of your home. It is safe to say that they are the first impression. If the doors and windows look fine, then you only need to repaint them.

But make sure to choose the right colors for your door. A golden rule says that the color of the ceiling, doors, and trim should be 50% lighter than the color of a dark room.

If you are looking to change the windows of your old house, prefer wooden windows over vinyl one. Although wooden windows are costly, they can last longer.


Check the Kitchen and Storage:

Rusty handles, worn-out knobs and dirty furniture makes your kitchen look even outdated and aged as well.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Apart from cooking, it is the place where you spend quality time with your beloved ones. So your kitchen also deserves a fresh lease of life through remodeling.

You can replace your cabinets; change those old knobs and handles and change the placing of appliances. You can also choose the finishes for your cabinetry such as bronze, copper, nickel, and stainless steel.


Take Care of Floors:

Remodeling the floors can be a bit costly; however, the outcome is worth your investment.

For example, installing gleaming hardwood flooring can make your home look rich and classic. The type and shade of flooring can transform the overall look of your entire old home.

Wooden floorings are known for their strength.


Install Modern Lighting:

Lighting is an important element when it comes to boosting the aesthetic appeal of your house. You can replace those regular bulbs with customized and efficient lights. Such lights can set the ambiance of the place.

To maintain the vintage aura of your old home, you can install chandeliers that are available at flea markets and thrift stores.


Choose the Right Colors:

A fresh coat of paint can change the appearance of your old home. While you can choose any color, we recommend you to go for exciting and vibrant colors or understated and plain shades.

Painting can improve the visual appeal of the walls, furniture, ceilings, and appliances. You can paint your doors and windows in dark brown or black paint as these colors add a royal touch to your home.

If the color of your kitchen cabinet and walls are not going well with each other, then you can choose a neutral color like grey.


The Bottom Line:

Renovating your old property can be stressful and overwhelming: but, it shouldn’t be intimidating if things are planned well. A few of the abovementioned tips can be implemented over a weekend, whereas some ask for more time and money.

It is also important to take care of details such as fittings, lighting, fixtures, and faucets. Also, make sure to remodel the house step-by-step. The house can also be decorated with paintings, fabrics, curtains, and plants.

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