How to get Front Yard Landscaping on a Budget

The way you design, style, and decorate your front yard tells a lot about your personality and your aesthetic sense. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, your front yard gives a nice peek into your taste in decor. The first impression is the last and therefore a beautiful front yard is sure going to make a lasting impression on your guests. Stunning front yard landscaping has a magnetism that will surely have a wow effect enough to attract potential buyers as well.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and bold front yard bursting with peonies, lilies, roses, and lush green lawns? However, that’s a lot of upkeep, money, and maintenance and sometimes we have smaller areas to work on. That does not mean you have to settle for a mediocre front yard. That being said, it also implies that you can have a stunning front yard with a tight budget and space.

Trust the specialists, we believe that you need not have a lavish, exuberant budget for a beautiful front yard. A restricted budget is also enough to do wonders. In fact, there are plenty of inventive and creative ways to revamp your Front Yard landscape at minimum costs. Also, there are no hassles of hiring a professional landscaper or an architect, and therefore, say hello to splendid layout designs and a fun time for you and your family.

All you need is a bit of originality, inventiveness,  aesthetic insight, and finesse to create a beautiful yet inexpensive front yard. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to creating a gorgeous, jaw-dropping outdoor space sans the huge expenses that everyone is going to love.

Take a look at the following tips and ideas-

Create a Plan

Everything starts with a plan, blueprint, idea, or inspiration. What’s your take on your front yard? How do you imagine it to look in the daytime and the evening? Do you have ideas from Pinterest? This is the time to gather all the ideas from online or in-person nurseries, landscaping books, your neighbors’ lawns (absolutely!), or social media. If you are planning to revamp your front yard on your own that has to be an inspiration. Take your time and make a list of what colors and shades you wish to incorporate in your front yard. Which trees or flowers you want in your front yard growing and blooming? Consult your family whether they wish an asymmetrical design or a symmetrical one. Are there any seasonal plants you have been hoping to have in your yard? It’s time to brainstorm and come up with a plan so that everything goes systematically and there is no room for errors and over expenditures. It would be best to assess your yard before planning or buying anything. Double-check the direction of sun rays and flower beds. You’ll know the exact quantity while buying full sun, partial sun, and shade plants. Since you do not have an architect with you, you could always draw a rough sketch of your potential front yard. This way you’d know where to place the flower beds or shrubs, and trees.

Set a budget

Now that you have decided on the blueprint and the layout, it’s a good time to set a realistic budget. By realistic we mean comfortable. It shouldn’t affect other expenses of yours and you should be able to sail through it without any monetary hassles. Instead, it should help you save money. The fact that you are not hiring a professional landscaper is a good economical start to a great front yard.

Make a list

By now you should be ready with the budget and it’s time for you to decide what stays and what goes. Make sure you are in your front yard while making this list. Decide whether or not the existing beds stay or not. If you had a kitchen garden or a space for herbs then it’s better to keep them untouched. This implies you can replant them in a different location. This would also save you a lot of money.


It is important to get rid of the clutter of the old elements you do not wish to incorporate in the new design of your front yard. In most cases, people leave them thinking they might require it later but it is only piling on the trash, which could only lead to confusion and errors. After you have planned and envisioned properly; you must not keep the items that you do not wish to use in your yard.


You have the liberty and luxury of designing and revamping your front yard on your own. Experiment and visualize by incorporating fresh ideas and mix and match with current trends. You could-

  1. Replace a section of your front lawn with a combination of gravel, pebbles, and rocks. You coordinate them according to color or try to create a design with them. Imagine no more expenses on sodding and watering.
  2. Create your pond or stream in the yard. Yes, it can perfectly fit in your budget and a complete dream come true.
  3. Design and place repurposed planters. Turn your old appliances and furniture into quirky and cute planters. Money saved yet again.
  4. Transform your front yard into a whimsical bliss with outdoor lighting. It is among the cheapest ways yet the most aesthetically pleasing ways to revamp your front yard. Use a variety of lighting options like- fairy lights, solar lights, or LEDs. Well-illuminated yet easy on the electric bill.
  5. Add raw-cut stone or wood pavers. It gives a splendid, creative vibe to your yard.

The bottom line

It is important to know that as long as you have a vision and inclination towards designing and creating a brand new, whimsical front yard; you do not need a big budget or a professional. However, if you are the slightest bit of a slouch or a beginner in redesigning, redecorating, and landscaping, it would be best to hire an expert professional— like us! Until then, happy revamping!  

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