How To Make Your Kitchen Look Lavish & Expensive

Even from the views of a professional interior designer, the kitchen is considered to sometimes be the most difficult and the most expensive room when it comes to renovating. From décor and countertops, to appliances, this is the room that looks stunning with attention to detail. However, if you just switch up some small details, you can easily get the kitchenette
of your dreams without having to put in a big budget. To help you get started, here are some tips to make your kitchenette look more expensive than it actually is: 

Make your marble countertops feel magical

It is no secret, when you have marble in your kitchen, it makes your kitchen look extremely exquisite. Marble is excellent at adding expensiveness and elegance to your kitchenette. Rather than taking all your countertops apart and installing very exquisite countertops in your kitchen, you can just make some small changes and get your dream kitchen. It is extremely easy to make a significant difference to your kitchenette simply by adding a few hints of marble to your kitchen. You can easily opt for a pre-cut marble piece and make a slight baking space in your kitchen.

You can use pre-cut marble tiles and make an extremely attractive backsplash, and use it to change a considerable part of your floor. If you want to find more ways to introduce marble to your kitchenette when you are on a strict budget, you could easily add some marble to your kitchen. Marble works very well with approximately all color schemes, and you can just add a small touch of marble to design your kitchen and make it look more expensive than it is. 

Add some highlights to your kitchen

If you add a highlight component to your kitchenette, you can easily make it stand out from the crowd and make it seem like you have put in a lot of money and thought into it. As your sink is a crucial part of your kitchenette, you can just add a highlight sink to upgrade your kitchen and make it seem like it is more expensive than it is. A stone or a copper sink may be a bit pricier or more expensive than a normal sink, but it can be a major aspect that you need to transform your kitchen into looking more extravagant than it is. 

Introduce some lavish lighting

You can use your lighting to help with your interior design goals. Introducing some aesthetic lighting to your kitchenette can a lot of times be the most overlooked element of your kitchen design. Many times, a lot of people may tend to look right to the ceiling once they enter a room for the very first time. You can use low-hanging fixtures and give an illusion that your ceiling is higher than it seems, especially above the kitchenette islands and your dining spaces.

You can use globe fixtures as an easy go-to when you want to add something inexpensive that can elevate the most exquisite kinds of décor. You can install a dimmer and it is a much cheaper way that can help your kitchenette look a lot more expensive than it is. You can dim the lights during dinner time and easily create a luxurious ambiance. 

Introduce steep serving to your kitchen

When you serve your guests, friends, and family, drink and food, it can make a big impression on how expensive your kitchenette seems. You can just invest in some cups, bowls, plates, and glasses that seem very elegant. Particularly, when it comes to stemware, you can use it to make a long-lasting positive impression.

Your new stemware doesn’t need to be pricey to seem expensive, hence you can use it for your benefit. Portraying your new, pretty stemware in a steaming glass cabinet that has a glass door, or an open cabinet can help in making your kitchenette look very inviting and luxurious. 

Put in costly colors to your kitchen 

You can easily transform the way your kitchen looks entirely by putting in a completely fresh layer of paint. You can add colors such as beiges and creams that can help you in making your kitchenette look expensive and elegant. If you have a modern kitchenette, you can just add dark colors, such as grays and blacks, which could make it seem extravagant. White colors reflect light and make the space in your kitchen look bigger, so you can complement white paint with some metallic and wood highlights. You don’t even need to paint the entire kitchen; you can just paint your kitchen cabinets and transform the way it looks completely.


Cooking in an expensive kitchenette is a dream. However, getting an expensive kitchen also requires a lot of investment. If you don’t want to invest all your savings in getting an expensive kitchen, you can just make it look a lot more expensive than it is. You don’t need to put in a big budget to make your kitchenette appear more expensive. Kitchen renovations may seem daunting. However, if you have a strict budget, you need to take care of the smallest details and easily make a significant difference to the way your kitchenette looks.

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