New Year 2022- Home Projects to Revamp Your Home

We have finally made it to the most anticipated year after a series of restraints. This year, despite the odds and new variants, is a pleasant way to begin again.  This brings us to the big plans, remember your renovation plans in 2019? It is time to resume them.

It could be as big as flipping your house or as minor as a garden revamp. Regardless of your plan, you must start this year with some home improvements. Our suggestion? Start small and go creative. Take a look at some of the remodeling projects that need to begin (and end) this year.

1.  Garage Organization

The best way to start home renovation is by organizing your garage. Take a quick look and see what needs to get fixed. There are times when you need to get rid of the unnecessary clutter. Browse the web and online shopping platforms for big plastic bins and cabinets to store what is important. Decluttering and sorting your garage will make plenty of space for objects and tools that are creating a mess in your home.

2. Liven the laundry room

Take inspiration from social media and focus on beautifying small areas that matter. This includes your laundry room, mudroom, and powder room. Try enhancing its aura by adding wallpapers to the walls.

All you need to do is to choose bright colors for your wallpapers in these rooms. By bright wallpapers, we do not recommend you to go for the ones that blind your eyes. Choose colorful, playful patterns, and a modern wallpaper that displays an aesthetic vibe.

Also, to the ones who worry about damaging their walls, go for the temporary ones that are easy to remove.

3. Get rid of dysfunctional appliances

It’s high time you stop using the three-legged, age-old refrigerator. Invest in a newer model, which is great for your health and aesthetics. Make sure to assess the condition of your appliances and hardware. It is so important for your health and your house’s functionality that you use up-to-date hardware. This includes your utility hardware like knobs, handles, and stoppers. Remember, upgraded hardware is always a good idea to give your home a refreshed feel.

4. Deep cleaning

Times have been challenging and you may as well have been disinfecting your space. However, this also means your home requires some power cleaning. Make sure to get the tiles, shower rods, door edges, window panes, etc. cleaned thoroughly. While sanitizing is great, what your homes needs are deep cleaning. This would keep your home smelling fresh and protected from common problems like mold, tough stains, etc.

5. Light up

A well-lit room is a key to accentuating your space. Lights speak volumes about your aesthetics. But this time, consider cost and energy efficiency. Switch to smart thermostats and LED light bulbs. Of course, switching off your lights when not in use is the ultimate way to be cost-effective. However, using energy-efficient lights would go easy on the environment and your pocket.

6. Touch up

A beautiful home, scenic sights, a terrible turnoff; way to kill an impression. Your décor and aesthetics would fade behind the unpatched holes and scuffed-up paint. Tiny, harmless holes can be hidden behind a painting or a family portrait. However, if your walls need to freshen up, get on with it.

7. Get working on the Entry

We cannot stress enough the significance of revamping your house entryway. This is where all expectations are built and judgments are made. A beautiful entrance says a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Make sure to work on it enough to make it stand out from the rest. It is not just about visitors, a beautiful entrance would appeal to you as well. So, think of interesting ways to beautify the entrance by adding creative ways to hang your keys, dog leashes, etc.  You can even set up an in-built organizer for your shoes, umbrella, etc.

8. Add a hint of greenery

Landscaping your yard is not the only thing that brings on the greenery. Beautify your home’s exterior with window boxes. Potted plants and flowers bring out the character and color to the house. Also, this is an absolute cost-efficient idea.

9. Work on storage space

The best way to start with home improvement is by focusing on getting it organized. Try adding multipurpose shelves and storage baskets. These additions can be incorporated right from your bedroom to pantry ranging from vertical shelves to colorful storage units. While there is no room or clutter, there should be enough space left for useful objects.

There you have it, this year, make sure to give a New Year home improvement to your humble abode. Follow all or the ones necessary to give it the much-needed facelift.

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