10 Parts of the Home You Should Renovate in Winter

Winter is coming and the cold weather can often be brutal. The idea of starting a home renovation project in the middle of winter might not feel very appealing, however, the winter season offers a good amount of appeal when it comes to DIY projects. Without having to go on vacations, spend time on outdoor activities, and perform other warm-weather activities, homeowners such as yourself can usually get a lot more work done in less time. Here are 10 parts of the home that you can and should renovate in winter.

Replace the kitchen countertops

If you want to spruce up your kitchen but don’t want to change the entire thing, you can opt to replace the kitchen countertops. By replacing the kitchen countertops, you can change the entire appearance of your kitchen very easily and this task doesn’t even need many trips forth and back outside. Changing the way your kitchen looks and feels is the perfect DIY home renovation project that you can tackle this winter. And even if you choose to hire a contractor to get the job done, you can easily get a great deal since contractors generally slash the prices during slow winter seasons.

Kitchen Counter tops


Replace your light fixtures to increase lighting around the house

Winter can do a lot to your body, your skin tends to get dry and your lips are chapped round the clock. Winter can even mess with your mood, and the general lack of any natural sunlight, with grey, gloomy skies, and early sunsets can easily trigger the seasonal affective disorder. To fight back, start by swapping out any old tired light fixtures and installing cherry, bright ones that can improve your spirits and the illumination around the house.

Light Fixtures


Paint the indoor walls of your home

A lot of homeowners generally start their interior painting projects during the summer or the spring, however late winters are in reality an excellent time to transform your wall colors. The cool, dry air around the house that sucks the moisture out of your skin can help a new paint coat dry more quickly. You can even find great deals on painting supplies during the winters as it is not a very popular season for painting.

Home Wall Painting


Replace your worn out or damaged carpets

If your carpets have taken a beating after the prolonged holiday season, you should ideally make all the fixes in the first few months when the damage can easily be mended. You can replace the bulging, ripped carpet easily when it’s fresh. Once you replace the carpets in the winter season, your home will instantly start to feel cozy and offer you a better abode to rest in the cold, snowy season.

Floor Carpet

Repair any worn out or broken knobs in your kitchen cabinets

Rejuvenate your style by replacing any outdated drawer knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinets. During winters, when you are spending a lot of time holed up inside, it is a great idea to add some cabinet hardware that offers your kitchen a dash of color. Not only will it help in making your kitchen extra cheerful and homey, but it is also one of the easiest and cheapest DIY projects that you can complete.


Replace the faucets in your bathroom

The disruption and mess that comes with a gut renovation of any bathroom can seem like it is a lot more than what you want to manage in the winters. Instead, you can focus on things that are smaller and easier to deal with and can make a big difference to your bathroom, namely replacing your bathroom faucets. This straightforward DIY project is excellent for attacking in the cold winter months, and it can not only refresh your bathroom space, but it can even help you in conserving water, which is essential for all seasons.

Bathroom Faucet


Check safety features

The winter months are a peak time for fires. This is why you need to kick these cold months off by first checking, upgrading, and evaluating the safety features of your home. These are generally smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors should ideally be checked and tested each month. You also need to replace them every five years. Make sure that you pay special attention to their expiration dates, and once you find that they need to be replaced, you should upgrade them to a new model that offers better safety features.

Fire Alarm



If you don’t make the best out of the winter season and the DIY opportunities it brings to the table, you can run the risk of putting your and your family’s health in jeopardy in the future. To ensure that your entire year goes very smoothly, make sure that your home is up to all seasonal challenges. By renovating your home during the winter, you can make sure that your house is ready to conquer whatever the winter, summer, or rainy season has to offer and you have a great excuse for staying indoors.  And even though you cannot actually work on anything outdoors such as installing a new deck or sprucing up your garden, there will always be a lot of satisfying things you need to fix indoors. You can even work on getting your home winter ready as and when you discover things that need to be taken care of.

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